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    Avoid penalties and perform preventive audits

    Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of experts, we resolve and mitigate the payment of social protection parafiscal contributions to the UGPP in an appropriate manner.

  • Avoid penalties before the UGPP

    We have the best team of lawyers specialized in UGPP.

    The satisfaction of our clients endorses us as a leading consulting firm in the national market, offering an integral and personalized service for companies and individuals.

  • Advice on Labor Law and OSH-SMS

    We offer a service with a comprehensive approach CONTACT US!

    The talent of our specialists in labor law and social security allows us to offer different solutions to human resources departments.

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Lara & Lopez Abogados y consultores S.A.S., is an entity formed by professionals specialized in labor law, social security, public accountants and financial engineers, which grew under the need to represent and guide legal entities and / or individuals through management consulting, preventive audits of high quality, becoming the main corporate allies, thanks to the expertise, responsibility and good practices, which have helped to protect the assets of many organizations.

Our mission is to facilitate business management

We facilitate the business management of our clients through an innovative and differentiating system of business consulting based on a methodology of direct contact.

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US$ 45 Millions
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    Top quality service, combining the experience, efficiency and technical rigor of each of the specialists of our group, with an excellent personalized service.

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    Personalized Consulting

    We are the leading consulting firm in the national market offering a comprehensive and personalized service, developing business solutions for companies and individuals.

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    The quality of our service is our competitive advantage. Innovation with our good teamwork, allows us to offer an excellent customer service.

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We offer the service to individuals and / or legal entities in UGPP advice, representation by our lawyers specializing in UGPP, in all types of requirements. We are pioneers in achieving a benefit for you as an annuitant of capital ...