Auditoria Preventiva UGPP

Preventive Audit UGPP

UGPP Preventive Audit

Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., is a firm that offers preventive auditing UGPP consists of advising and analyzing legal and / or natural persons that:

  • They have been notified with persuasive notices by the Special Administrative Unit of Pension Management and Parafiscal Contributions of the Social Protection (UGPP).

  • They want to voluntarily mitigate and prevent sanctions and behaviors before an administrative process is issued by the UGPP.

  • They are already immersed or are subject to an audit process by the unit, and want a thorough review before responding to the appeal that applies according to the stage in which they are.

  • We are experts in UGPP advice, we have the best lawyers UGPP, avoid damage to your assets.

The services and activities we offer are:

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team and UGPP specialists, we offer an excellent UGPP preventive advice, performing the respective validations to determine the proper, correct and timely payment of parafiscal contributions, according to current regulations, mitigating onerous fines and penalties, in the same way minimizing risks and avoiding impacts on your assets.

We have technological support tools for the development of payroll instructions with the technical specifications requested by the Special Administrative Unit for Pension Management and Parafiscal Contributions of Social Protection (UGPP), our administrative staff UGPP allows us to perform an exhaustive detail of your case, without overlooking any concept, we adapt to the characteristics of Resolution 0922 of 2018, and complying with the guidelines from the labor, tax, accounting, financial and documentary areas.

The preventive audit UGPP, allows you to avoid future inconveniences before the unit, our experts UGPP and / or UGPP specialists will perform the process metrically for the benefit of the client.

We are UGPP advisors, with the necessary experience to provide a satisfactory result, within the terms of law and with the necessary recommendations so that in the event of presenting a UGPP requirement, you have the confidence to respond to them.

Our UGPP advisors, will make a continuous accompaniment not only to make the respective corrections, but to increase your knowledge before the UGPP, likewise by our UGPP lawyers, you may have the regulatory basis to support their decisions in their contributions.

Our UGPP specialists are at your disposal.