Asesoría en Depuración de Carteras

Advice on Portfolio Cleaning

Our auditing firm has an expert and professional team that will allow you to clarify, improve and resolve any liquidation by the social security administrators (Pension, Health, ARL, Caja, Sena, ICBF).  We carry out the purging of the presumed portfolio or purging of the real portfolio of the social security administrators from beginning to end, accompanying the company or organization that requires it.

Among the services and activities we offer are:

Debt review

  • We perform for you any type of review of the debt settled by any administrator validating the news at the time reported taking advantage of the expert team in the management of the payroll area, accounting, financial and everything related to labor law allowing a correct purging of customer portfolio.


  • Based on the information of requests and/or portfolio collection in the purging of the presumed portfolio and/or purging of the real portfolio, the firm will review all the historical files to compare them with the regulations and the information reported and paid to the social security administrators and thus leave the information unified.

Debt audits

  • We validate and review payroll processes such as news, loading of payrolls in operators, payment to the administrators, which allow us to improve the processes and avoid future requirements from the administrators.

Elaboration of documents

  • The auditing firm will make all the necessary documentation to present it to the social security administrators with the necessary changes, attaching all the clarifications of payments made, exposing and justifying the decreases in the portfolio, in case of not evidencing payment by the company and determining that it is really due, the firm will load the delinquent payroll so that the payment is made by the company, for example the purification of the health portfolio when not evidencing payment by the entity, the correction of the company's payroll will be made.

Debt Training

  • We provide training and conferences on all topics related to labor processes and the continuous management and response to any requirement by the administrators, improving the human resources area in an integral manner, as well as the explanation in detail of the correct process for the purging of the presumed portfolio or purging of the real efficient portfolio.

Representation before the courts

  • Thanks to the team of expert lawyers in labor matters we represent any company that is sued by the administrators and under the terms of law to be represented avoiding ostentatious payment charges.

Why choose us

  • Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., is an auditing firm formed by experts in labor law and payroll analysts, therefore the services are offered thanks to the experience presented in the market. Also, experts in tax and criminal law are part of the company, which complement the realization of the processes within the regulations, facilitating the requirements demanded by any administrator. Additionally, this incorporated by financial professionals who perform any actuarial calculation to bring to present value interest, debts and penalties, achieving analyze decision making in front of the success in the purification of presumed portfolio and / or purification of real portfolio with administrators, bringing to figures any regulations. This allows you to have a complete service to be represented from beginning to end with any social security administrator.
  • The value of our services is directly related to quality and service.
  • The services are personalized and according to your situation, we do not propose generic processes for all activities, on the contrary, we take the best, processes, accounting and financial modeling of today, to offer in each service a solution according to the need of each company, taking into account that each company is located in a sector, size, regulation and activity different from the others.