Psychosocial risk study

Psychosocial factors to be identified and evaluated include intralaboral, extralaboral and individual aspects. The former refer to the circumstances in which the work is carried out. The latter refer to the lifestyle and quality of life of workers outside the work environment. The individual aspects, on the other hand, refer to the psychosocial characteristics of each worker in particular.

Each of these aspects, in turn, includes a series of variables or dimensions that constitute potential risk factors. These are the factors in the battery for evaluating psychosocial risk:


  • Intralabor factors
  • Extra-workplace factors
  • Individual factors
  • Stress   

Among the services and activities we offer are:

The battery to assess psychosocial risk is composed of eight instruments:

  • General data sheet (socio-demographic information and occupational information of the worker).
  • Questionnaire of intralaboral psychosocial risk factors for bosses and managers.
  • Questionnaire of intralaboral psychosocial risk factors for professionals, technicians and operators.
  • Questionnaire of psychosocial risk factors outside the work place
  • Questionnaire for stress evaluation
  • Guide for psychosocial analysis of job positions
  • Guide for semi-structured interviews
  • Guide for focus groups   

All these instruments must be applied exactly as defined in the manual prepared by the Ministry of Labor for this purpose. Likewise, the creation of an epidemiological surveillance program of psychosocial risk factors at work must be carried out by an expert, i.e. a psychologist with a postgraduate degree in occupational health, with a valid license to provide occupational psychology services.

Resolution 2646 of 2008 indicates that an expert is a "psychologist with a postgraduate degree in occupational health, with a current license to provide services in occupational psychology".

All information gathered through this process is strictly confidential. The psychologist in charge must comply with the ethical principles set forth in the International Code of Ethics for Occupational Health Professionals, the Code of Ethics and Bioethics for the Practice of Psychology and Law 1090 of 2006.

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