Diagnostico Financiero

Financial Diagnosis

We offer an opinion thanks to our professional and expert team in the field that allows you to have knowledge of your economic and financial position, to make good decisions. We provide a process to detect the weaknesses of your organization that may be vulnerable to its competitive environment.

We make an action plan and position on the current situation to evaluate and interpret the administrative and financial management of the same.

Among the services and activities we offer are:

Evaluation of a company's competencies

  • We define the objectives outlined in your company so that it is competitive with the competition and the sector, offering a defined structure oriented to the strategic and measurement results that allow to demonstrate the viability of your business and the impact it generates.

Indicator Analysis

  • We make a correct diagnosis that allows a correct management according to the financial commitments, sales investment and acquired benefits.
  • We avoid an erroneous diagnosis because thanks to our expertise we are aware of the importance of a good analysis for a strong, sustainable and conscientious economic and financial position.
  • We are experts in the analysis of indicators of:
  • Liquidity
  • Indebtedness
  • Profitability
  • Coverage
  • Activity
  • Management

Strategic analysis

  • We evaluate the environment of your organization by carrying out a reliable study for the fulfillment of the objectives. This will allow you to determine the processes in the organization. We project the situation of your processes in the future to identify the market and thus be competitive through financial and market strategies that facilitate the processes.
  • We carry out a robust investigation of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and strengths to improve the company's image and profitability. We gather the necessary information analyzing and evaluating your processes to follow up on the changes subsequently made and give continuity to the improvements.

Management Reports

  • We elaborate management reports during the period of time that you consider necessary from the financial department based on the evolutions presented in the financial analysis of your organization. We use a methodology based on the mission and vision of the company.

Why choose us

  • Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., is an auditing firm formed by financial experts in their profession, therefore we offer services thanks to the experience we present in the market. Likewise, the firm has experts in labor, tax, civil, commercial, real estate and criminal law that make any decision making or changes in your company are handled within the competent regulation avoiding errors in the solutions that the firm proposes.
  • The firm offers a value for its services related to quality and service.
  • The services are personalized and according to your situation, we do not propose generic models for all activity, on the contrary we take the best theories, modeling, technological and financial changes to offer in each service a financial solution according to the need of each company, taking into account that each company is located in a sector, size, regulation, activity different from the others.