Valoración de Empresas

Company Valuation

Thanks to our expert financial team, the firm provides the necessary valuation for the decision making process. We use the appropriate method to quantify the capacity of your company to generate value and from a rigorous financial diagnosis, we achieve a reasonable forecast to be executed regardless of the size or the reasons to know the value of your company. We perform the valuation thanks to the financial, accounting, tax, labor and regulatory knowledge that allows us to guarantee an optimal result.

Among the services and activities we offer are:

Valuation of companies for internal purposes

  • We provide a complete service that allows to know the value of your company if you need to know:

  • The situation of the patrimony
  • Verify the management of the directors
  • New partner's linkage
  • Remuneration in shares
  • Restructuring
  • Inheritance
  • Succession
  • Other

  • The auditing firm offers a comprehensive process without missing factors that intervene in a tangible and intangible way in the value of your company.

  • We are rigorous in our estimates, offering the ability to assess the value of the expected futures, taking into account past, present and future to avoid errors in its value.

Valuation of Companies for External Purposes

  • Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., is an auditing firm that provides the necessary mechanisms to know:

  • The value of your company
  • Total or partial sale or purchase purposes
  • Inclusion of alliances
  • Payment of payment
  • Inclusion or withdrawal from the stock market
  • Expropriation
  • Request or grant financing
  • Other
  • We have the expertise in a market, cost and income approach using explicit and adjusted methods that allow an efficient execution in your intention to know the value of your company.   
  • Regardless of whether your company is publicly traded, the firm offers quality work, arguing what fits your needs.

Brand and Intangible Valuation

  • We quantify the monetary value of the intangible, thanks to the methods:

  • Interbrand
  • Forbes
  • Financial Word
  • Others

  • We perform the necessary calculations and the factors involved to value the brand, we proceed with rigorous intentions of sale of the company, collection and royalties, own brand management, for the purpose of amortization in the balance sheet

Why choose us

  • Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., is an auditing firm formed by financial experts in their profession, therefore the services are offered thanks to the experience presented in the market. Additionally, the firm has experts in labor, tax, civil, commercial, real estate and criminal law, which make any decision making or changes in your company a management within the competent regulation avoiding errors in the solutions that the firm proposes.
  • The firm offers a value for its services related to quality and service.
  • The services are personalized and according to your situation, no generic models are proposed for all activities, on the contrary, the best theories, modeling, technological and financial changes of today are taken, to offer in each service a financial solution according to the needs of each company, taking into account that each company is located in a sector, size, regulation and activity different from the others.