Collective Bargaining

We provide the appropriate advice to manage efficient transformations in the union organizations of your company, either with the incorporation of existing bargaining processes or new collective bargaining. The auditing firm offers service throughout the union movement, whether in the preparation, negotiation already executed or in the evaluation of collective bargaining. 

Among the services and activities we offer are: 

Counseling and representation stage Direct Settlement.

  • We provide the necessary guidance, follow-up and accompaniment to solve the Direct Settlement stages, based on an adequate approach to the negotiation of union representatives or employees.
  • The auditing firm performs the adequate and appropriate analysis together with the company's management to carry out any negotiation at the negotiation table.
  • We elaborate the economic-financial analysis of the company to evaluate the company's capacity to respond to the demands of the union representatives or employees, avoiding repetition errors in economic conflicts with your company. 

Counseling and representation in Arbitration Strikes

  • We provide support and representation in the event of a strike or arbitration tribunal within the legal terms and under the formalities provided by law.
  • We perform all the accompaniment for general assembly meetings in determinations for the purpose of convening a compulsory arbitration tribunal or declaration of strike.

Analysis of the list of demands

  • We perform and elaborate the respective analysis to achieve an adequate and correct study of the petitions generated by the representatives of the unions and/or employees, achieving collective bargaining agreements adjusted to the scope of your company and that of the workers.

Advice and applications before the Ministry of Labor

  • We offer all the necessary guidance for any requirement, agreement, conciliation or request by the Ministry of Labor, in the event of illegal cessation of activities by union representatives and / or workers, making a representation of the investigations or citations by the Ministry.

Collective bargaining training 

  • We provide training and lectures on all topics related to collective bargaining benefits in quality of employment, equality, training, labor relations, performance of companies, improving the integrity of the staff of your interest. 

Why choose us

  • Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., is an auditing firm formed by experts in labor law and payroll analysts, therefore the services are offered thanks to the experience presented in the market. Also, experts in tax, commercial and criminal law are part of the company, which complement the realization of the processes within the regulations, facilitating the requirements before any competent authority. Additionally, this incorporated by financial professionals who perform any actuarial calculation to bring to present value interest, debts and penalties, achieving analyze decision making either for a defense, representation or guidance in labor areas, leading to figures any regulations. This allows you to have an integrated service to be represented from beginning to end in their needs.
  • The value of our services is directly related to quality and service.
  • The services are personalized and according to your situation, we do not propose generic models for all activity, on the contrary, we take the best, regulations, defenses, financial and accounting modeling of today, to offer in each service a solution according to the need of each company or person, taking into account that the person is located in a sector, size, regulation and activity different from the others.