Auditoría de Nómina

Payroll Audit and Outsourcing

Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., we are an auditing firm that offers payroll outsourcing services, where we guarantee the fulfillment of your labor obligations with workers, thanks to our good practices in payroll processes will comply with current regulations in all HR processes, we perform comprehensive advice as payroll outsourcing, where the progress of payroll is evidenced month by month.

Our best practices:

  • We make a schedule of activities either for pre or post payroll audit, social security, payroll vouchers.
  • We keep a strict control of employee databases in our payroll outsourcing software.
  • We fully support organizations in the realization of payroll.
  • We avoid unauthorized payments.
  • We efficiently elaborate social benefits settlements.
  • There are no differences between labor payments and accounting.
  • We mitigate all aspects of liquidity leakage risk.
  • We comply with all service level agreements as payroll outsourcing in the development of the process.

Among the services and activities we offer are: 

Payroll Outsourcing

  • We offer the payroll outsourcing service in a comprehensive and efficient manner, we manage all calculations and administration of payroll, social benefits, parafiscal payments and others, we free organizations of the operational burden in the registration, processing and control of payroll and payments to employees.

  • Our legal advice is in line with current regulations, complying with the regulatory entities in labor and tax matters.
  • We offer the payroll file of the UGPP, for the fiscal year in which the payroll outsourcing service is contracted. 

Complete Payroll Audit

  • The firm will review and control the entire process from start to finish pre and post monthly payment improving social security disbursements, eliminating errors in the process of preparing the payroll, in addition to improving the time in the preparation of the same.

  • We perform integral audits including the accounting execution in all the accounts involved (production, salary, payroll taxes, payroll liabilities, cash in the balance sheet), its novelties, surveillance in the payment to third parties derived from the payroll, social benefits and the payroll in question.    

Pre-payment payroll audit

  • We perform all the validations for the elaboration and correction in the record before payment in relation to news, settlements, calculation of withholdings, discounts, social security and in general everything related to the payment of the same.

Post-payment payroll audit

  • We perform the payroll audit post-payment, for its corresponding correction and improvement in the next payments in everything related to news, settlements, calculation of withholdings, discounts, social security, accounting records in all accounts involved (production, salary, payroll taxes, payroll liabilities, cash in the balance sheet) and in general everything related to the payment.   

Flexible Payroll System Review

  • We carry out an audit in all the novelties that make and not base in contribution, validating that they are within the terms of Law; the firm is expert in the handling of bonuses and retributions of the workers that improve the conditions of the same ones. 

Why choose us

  • Lara & Lopez Abogados y Consultores S.A.S., our services are personalized and according to your situation, we do not propose generic models for all activities, on the contrary we take the best according to the norms, financial, payroll and accounting modeling at present, in order to offer in each service a solution according to the need of each company.